Best Boozy Brunches In San Francisco

Everyone loves booze, everyone loves brunch. The key is finding the perfect balance between somewhere with good food + good drinks + a fun atmosphere. No one wants to leave a bottomless brunch sober…or still hungry. Here are my top four places for bottomless brunches in San Francisco, below those is a more comprehensive list. Enjoy!

Don Pisto’s – North Beach

  • Deal: Bottomless Sangria, Margaritas, or Aqua Fresca Mimosa’s for 90 minutes for $19
  • Why this place is the best: Bottomless margaritas. I have yet to find another place in San Francisco who also has bottomless margaritas. Enough said. The food is also really good. Also they are very quick about filling up your glass. Make a reservation, you can walk in but there will probably be a wait. This place is best for groups of 8 or smaller.
  • Website

Chubby Noodle – Marina and North Beach

  • Deal: $37 for all you can eat, all you can drink (90 minute limit)
  • Love the food (it is Dim sum – esque). The servers bring you out everything on the menu and whatever you like you can ask for more. The drink options are: mimosa (sparkling wine + juice), sangria, tea (sake + juice), or a sapporo. My only down side is the drinks are a bit too sweet for my liking, so the beer is a good option. Regardless this place is such a fun brunch spot to go to with a group since you all pay 1 price and you get to try everything on the menu, come here hungry. Also- their music choice is on point! Sister restaurant to Don Pisto’s – they are both killing the brunch game.
  • Reservations: Marina – only take res for parties 6+, North Beach – brunch reservations of any size, dinner parties must be 6+
  • Website

Pink Elephant – FiDi / SoMa

  • Deal: Bottomless mimoas for $18 – you fill up your own drink !!
  • If you are putting more importance on drinking than eating (food isn’t that good) and want a place that may get a little ratchet this is the spot for you. Come here when you want to borderline blackout at 11 am on a weekend. They don’t take reservations, so get there kind of early (they open at 11), while you are waiting in line you are allowed to start drinking. For the mimosas- there is a bar with about 20+ juices that you can choose from. The best part is you get to make your own drink aka you can refill your drink right when it goes empty and you can make your mimosa 90% champagne, the world is your oyster.
  • No website

Blackwood – Marina

  1. Deal: $18 bottomless mimosas (2 hour limit)
  2. This place has great food – Thai / American cuisine. Must order the millionaire’s bacon, the egg’s Benedicts’ are also really popular. Come here if you want good food and you are trying to get a little drunk, but don’t want a crazy party atmosphere. Good place to come if you don’t have a reservation.
  3. Sister Restaurant to Sweet Maple, which is probably the most popular brunch spot in San Francisco (think 2 hour waits).
  4. Website


Other boozy brunch options:

      1. Dobbs Ferry – Hayes Valley
        • $14 bottomless bellinis or mimosas or $16 for Bloody Mary’s
      2. The Corner Store – Laurel Heights
        • $12 bottomless mimosas
      3. Fresca – Pac Heights
        • $12 bottomless mimosas
      4. Sweet Maple – Pac Heights
        • $17 bottomless mimosas/soju Bloody Mary’s
      5. Wild Hare – Pac Heights
        • $18 bottomless mimosas/prosecco spritzers
      6. Harry’s Bar – Pac Heights
        • $14 bottomless bellinis
      7. Stock in Trade – Marina
        • $15 bottomless bellini/mimosa
      8. Lightening Tavern – Marina
        • $15 bottomless mimosas
      9. The Vestry – Mission
        • $14 bottomless mimosas
      10. Bullitt – Russian Hill
        • $15 bottomless mimosas
      11. Rouge – Russian Hill (aka Nick’s)
        • $18 bottomless mimosas ($15 if you order food from Nick’s)
      12. Jones – Tenderloin
        • $16 bottomless mimosa (Sundays only)
      13. Chambers – Tenderloin
        • $12 bottomless mimosa (Saturdays only)
      14. Farmerbrown – Tenderloin
        • $16 bottomless mimosas

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