9 Best Restaurants in Brentwood

Brentwood is the perfect area for young adults who are starting the whole family/real life chapter. You know those people who moved from Santa Monica, and used that 2 mile move to draw a line in the proverbial sand saying “I’m an actual adult now” not the post-college “I’m an adult” stage where you still call your parents for insurance/cooking questions and you keep talking about how you can’t believe you’re an adult. While I am in the latter group, I still think Brentwood is awesome. Awesome in all aspects minus parking tickets – anyone who has driven in Brentwood knows what I mean. Those parking enforcement people take pride in writing you a ticket the minute your time runs out. Regardless for those of us in the first “I’m an adult” stage, there are still so many reasons to venture into Brentwood.

The first being the farmers market, seriously if you guys haven’t made it to the Brentwood farmer’s market off of San Vicente at South Gretna Green Way, every Sunday (9-2pm) you are missing out. Go find the hummus guy and buy their pesto and sun-dried tomato dips. AMAZING. Life changing. What else is great about Brentwood? The food! I am still trying to convince my friends that Brentwood is more than just “the neighborhood with a Sugarfish and Juice Crafters,” but trust me when I say there are some other bomb places to eat here. Recommendations below! 🙂

Header Picture: from Lemonade. Photo Credit: Vanessa Stump


  • Upscale, Trendy Steakhouse – $$$$
  • Must Order:
    • Lobster Mac and Cheese
  • Best For: Nice Lunch/Dinner, Business Meal, Special Occasion, Feelin Fancy, Terrace Area
  • Baltaire is the perfect blend of modern + classic. The ambiance here is really amazing – contemporary decor, intimate lighting, upscale service, but is still manages to perfectly grasp that LA casual vibe with their amazing outdoor terrace. This is definitely a splurge meal though so don’t come here trying to ball out on a budget.
  • Website

Coral Tree Cafe

  • Casual Cafe – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Chicken Panini – yum!
    • Any/all baked goods
    • Scrambles!
  • Best For: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, No Reservations, Coffee Shop, Study, Groups, Grab n Go, Casual Meal, Patio Seating
  • As you can see from the long list of reasons I think someone should go to Coral Tree, that it’s pretty amazing. It’s always my go-to spot when i’m looking for a good, but quick and easy meal. Super casual – you order at the counter and then find a table either inside or outside on the wrap around patio. If you go during their off hours it’s also a really great place to hang out and study for a bit, just probably don’t want to go during prime time for that because it does get pretty busy.
  • They offer valet for a few bucks! Also- this is a chain so their are other locations all over LA!
  • Website


  • Casual Californian – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Sticky Bun
  • Best For: Lunch, Brunch, Groups, Last Minute Reservation/No Reservation, Trendy
  • Farmshop is a really cool concept – part is a fancy farmer’s market where you can buy  things like wine, salami, expensive chocolate, ect. The other part is the restaurant which has a really nice atmosphere, and the vibes are upscale barn – esque. They pride themselves on serving healthy, farm -fresh food.
  • If you are planning in on coming for weekend brunch try and make a reservation, if not no biggie you can walk in and wait.
  • Website

Il Piccolo Verde

  • Classic Italian – $$
  • Best For: Lunch, Dinner, Italian, Last Minute Reservation/No Reservation, Groups
  • Il Piccolo Verde is an adorable, cozy Italian restaurant in Brentwood. They have a pretty large menu, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every pasta I have ordered. The ambiance is nice and home-y. Great spot for when you want a nice meal without having to immerse yourself in the overly trendy LA restaurant scene.
  • They deliver to the LA area for $3 delivery fee!
  • Website

Juice Crafters

  • Juice Shop / Smoothie Bar – $$
  • Best For: Smoothie, Juice, Acai Bowl
  • The best acai bowl I’ve ever had. *drops mic*
  • Also is a chain, locations: DTLA, Santa Monica, Bev Hills, Marina Del Ray, Pacific Palisades, and San Diego
  • Website


  • Fresh Californian Cafe – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Curry Cauliflower
    • Cucumber Mint Lemonade…..YAS
  • Best For: Casual Meal, Lunch, Dinner, No Reservations, Grab n Go, Groups
  • I love Lemonade. One of the best fast casual restaurants. Although it is a large chain and I tend to stay away from reviewing chains because they are pretty well known already, I needed to reiterate that there is a location in Brentwood and if you haven’t been to a Lemonade yet you are doing yourself a disservice. All their food is fresh and is made with seasonal ingredients. I love how you can pick multiple small sides and have that as a meal, because I always have a hard time just choosing one dish. Also their sandwiches are really good as well!
  • Locations: DTLA, USC, Santa Monica, Venice, Studio City, Pasadena, Orange County, San Diego, aka everywhere in Southern California. *** they are coming to the Bay Area – their first location in Yerba Buena is already open!
  • Website


  • Upscale (super popular) Sushi Bar – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Trust Me
    • Blue Crab Roll
  • Best For: Lunch, Dinner, Sushi, No Reservations, Small Group, To-Go
  • If you can appreciate high quality sushi then come here, the end.
  • No reservations – so expect a bit of a wait. Also they have free 90 min parking.
  • Locations: Bev Hills, Studio City, Pasadena, Santa Monica, DTLA, Hollywood, La Brea, Marina Del Ray
  • Website



  • Trendy American – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Bacon Wrapped Dates
  • Best For: Nice Brunch/Lunch, Last Minute Reservation, Patio, Groups, Happy Hour, Trendy
  • The ambiance at Tavern is a 10 – amazing covered patio area, these big chic cozy seats, and a rustic/modern vibe. If you can make a res, do it, if not you shouldn’t have toooo much trouble walking in.
  • Also they have a pretty good happy hour! 3-7 everyday. Drinks: $5 beer, $7 wine, $10 cocktails. Food: $6 bacon wrapped dates, $9 dips, $5-$7 tacos, $11 toasts, $13 fried chicken, $15 burgers. It’s only in the bar and one of the rooms though so you can’t sit on the covered patio, but that’s okay you’ll survive.
  • Website


  • Intimate Italian – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Prosciutto and Melon ❤
  • Best For: Lunch, Dinner, Italian
  • Toscana is a cozy, nice Italian restaurant in Brentwood! It is definitely a well-known place so it will be a bit more scene-y than Il Piccolo Verde. It also may be a littleee expensive for an Italian meal – think $40 for appetizer and pasta – but this is because the quality of the food is a 10. Service is also a 10. The atmosphere is more on the casual side. You will need a reservation! The space is pretty small and it is always crowded.
  • The bar is next door to the restaurant and the restaurant doesn’t have a hard alcohol license so if you order a drink at the bar you can’t bring it to your table!
  • Website

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