Best Pizza Spots in San Francisco

I LOVE pizza. Nothing beats that first bite into a freshly baked slice, with just the right amount of Parmesan on top, but not every pizza is created equal. So here is a guide to the best pizza for every occasion. Enjoy 🙂

Header photo: Flour + Water, Photo credit: Asta Karalis


Incredibly famous/popular pizza place in North Beach…and for good reason. Their most famous pizza is the Margarita, and they only make 73 pizzas a day…why you so exclusive Tony? Even if you don’t make it in time for an exclusive Margarita, the rest of their pizzas are just as amazing. No reservations, so there will always be a wait – unless it’s lunch on a weekday. Bar area is open seating. Can order for pick up and they do delivery through Caviar! Website

Best Ambiance – A16

Located in the Marina, A16 is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. Perfect place to have a nice dinner with some really good pizza. First off I have to say everything here from the food to the ambiance is amazing. There is a lot on the menu aside from pizzas, so it’s a great place to go if you don’t want just pizza. I would 100% recommend making a reservation, but you can also just walk in and try and snag a spot at the bar, or get there on the early/late side of dinner and the wait shouldn’t be too long. Website

Best Hole in the Wall – ZA PIZZA

I love Za. Super casual, no frills, spot located in Russian Hill, and it is usually always busy. They do have (limited) seating so you can eat here, but a lot of people choose the take away option. You can make your own whole pizza or get a slice of one of their daily specials. They even free delivery if you are in their delivery zone. BUT I will say they don’t answer the phone if they are really busy, so it’s always best to just come in person. Website

Best Drunk – Tie: Pizza Orgasmica + SF Hole in the Wall Pizza

So Pizza Orgasmica and Hole in the Wall tie for the best drunk pizza. Since I have only been to these places while heavily under the influence of alcohol I can’t tell you which one tasted better, but they both get a 10 in curing my drunchies, so no complaints here. This isn’t going to be the best pizza you’ve every had, but you can’t really be picky at 1 in the morning. I always just go to which ever one is closest to me upon exiting the bars at night. Pizza Orgasmica is in Cow Hollow – so if you’re leaving Jaxons, Eastside West or Balboa Cafe come here. Hole in the Wall is the Marina – so if you are leaving Monaghans, Tipsy Pig, or Reed and Greenough come here.

Also – Pizza Orgasmica is open until 2 am on the weekends and Hole in the wall is open until 3 am. So that may be another deciding factor.


So this is the sister restaurant to Delfina in the Mission. Pizzeria Delfina has 2 locations in San Francisco – one is attached to Delfina and the other is in Pacific Heights. They also have locations in Palo Alto and Burlingame. Every pizza here is bomb. They don’t take reservations, so if you go at a busy time there will probably be a bit of a wait. Website

Best New Kid on the Block – DEL POPOLO

So this is a really cool new spot! Del Popolo used to be a food truck that became popular for their amazing pizzas, and this is their first brick-and-mortar location. The ambiance here is NYC meets rustic + modern – high ceilings, metal fixtures, and a huge wood fired pizza oven in the back. Their menu changes frequently, but no matter what (pizza) you order, you will be happy. Surprisingly it is not difficult to get a reservation! If you can’t get one though, they do have a few large communal tables saved for walk ins. Website


Best No Reservations – Tie: BERETTA + DELAROSA


Beretta is a cute, hipster spot in the Mission. I haven’t been able to make it here yet, but I have heard their pizza (and risottos) are amazinggg. Intimate ambiance perfect for date night or a nice dinner before going out. They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more, but if your group is smaller than that, you can call ahead and they will put your name on the list. Also- if you want to do a large group dinner here they have an awesome prix fix special for $35/person! Website

Beretta-aubrie prick.jpg

Photo Credit: Aubrie Prick


Delarosa is a casual sit-down Italian restaurant in the Marina. Good pizza, and great appetizers. Perfect place to come grab lunch/dinner without having to plan ahead. They have patio seating out front, which makes for an enjoyable meal when the weather is nice. Website

Delarosa-Aubrie Prick

Photo Credit: Aubrie Prick

Best New York Style – Arinell Pizza

So Airnell’s is a tiny pizza shop located in the Mission off Valencia St. It is like the pizza version of El Farolito – No frills, cash only, limited options, and it looks a bit sketchy. BUT don’t let that scare you off, the pizza here is really really good, and it’s cheap – $3/slice. Plus it’s open until 2 am on the weekends, so if you find yourself around here after going out one night, do yourself a favor and pick up a slice. No website.

Best Date Night – FLOUR + WATER

So if you have read any of my previous posts you probably know that Flour + Water is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. It is SO good. While most the time I only talk about their pastas, their pizzas are still seriously incredible. Here, as well as A16, are great spots to have a nice, sit down Italian meal thats borderline to die for. It is really hard to get a reservation you have to book a few weeks in advance. If you go when they open there is a communal table and bar area for first come first served. Website

Best Hidden Gem – Pizzetta 211

Pizzetta is a nice casual spot in Outer Richmond. The pizza’s have thin-ish crusts with delicious toppings – the menu changes frequently but they always have an option with an egg topping, so you should always order that one. No reservations, but you can call ahead and ask how long the wait is. They also do take out if you live in the area. Website.

Best Deep Dish – Little Star

Little Star is definitely well-known in the city for having the best Chicago style pizza. Unfortunately I am personally not a fan of the deep dish style pizza so I won’t be making it here, but if you do like deep dish then you should 100% come here!! There are 2 locations – the Mission and Lower Haight. Website.



One thought on “Best Pizza Spots in San Francisco

  1. pka says:

    Had lunch at Delarosa (downtown location) last weekend- I am a newfound fan! I love their meatballs in sugo and kale caesar. Kelli, I also wanted to ask if you like Il Casaro in North Beach? Their vibe and menu offerings parallel Delarosa (albeit more bustling) and no reservation is typically needed.


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