Best Special Occasion Restaurants in Los Angeles

A skimmed list of special occasion restaurants for everryyyyy type of occasion, because a half birthday warrants a 5 course meal over looking the ocean, right?

Header Photo: Providence, Photo Credit: Lisa Cohen

Hidden Gem – Wolfgang Puck @ Bel Air Hotel

So this restaurant is my absolute favorite restaurant for special occasions; the food, service, and atmosphere are all amazing. Plus I love the secluded/private vibes here. There is this beautiful covered patio that opens up to one of the dining rooms, gives it this beautiful open feel. The ambiance here is modern with a garden/earthy element mixed in. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea here. If I had the money I would come for every meal, but I don’t so I tend to stick to special occasion dinners. Website

Uber Fancy – Providence

Providence has 2 Michelin stars. Come here for an incredible dining experience –  impeccable service, meticulous attention to detail, and fresh, high quality ingredients. You c hoose between 3 prix fix – seasonal (7 courses), chefs (12 courses), and providence (5 courses) – prices ranging from $90-$220/person with the option to add wine pairings. If you are a steak buff, add on the wagyu option for $50, you won’t regret it. Website

Steakhouse – Mastro’s 

Everyone reading this probably knows Mastro’s so I won’t spend too much time on it, but for those who don’t know – Mastro’s is a really nice steakhouse. The ambiance is intimate and elegant – think dim lighting, plush seats, and white table cloths. The food is seriously amazinggggg. If you haven’t been here you need to go, it’s a staple in the LA Steakhouse scene. There are 2 locations in the LA area: one in Beverly Hills (there is a “Mastro’s Penthouse” and  “Mastro’s” at this location) and Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu. Website

LA Classic – Spago

Being Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, Spago is an LA classic. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the atmosphere is modern, fresh, and elegant. There is a really nice central patio; if you can, you should request to sit there! The food here is really good, high quality farm fresh dishes. Website

Trendy – BestiaCASSIA


Hands down my favorite restaurant in LA. Bestia is located in an unassuming area of downtown, and serves to-die for Italian food with a modern twist. This is not your mom and pop traditional Italian restaurant menu, so don’t come here looking for fettuccine Alfredo, instead you can order things like roasted bone marrow as an appetizer, a pizza to share, cavatelli alla norcina (ricotta dumplings with pork sausage and black truffles), and you MUST end the night with the coffee and donuts desert. The atmosphere is just as enjoyable as the food, with an industrial + urban/modern feel. Website


Food 10. Ambiance 10. Service 10. Cassia is a new hot spot in the Los Angeles restaurant scene right now, it was named the #1 best new restaurant in LA by Los Angeles Magazine, and the praise is all well deserved! The ambiance here is really cool, imagine a rustic French brasserie went to Southeast Asia to pick up some flavor and spices, and then it wanted a more contemporary feel so hence, Santa Monica is where it landed. They serve a mix of Vietnamese/Chinese/Singaporean/French food…aka all the best flavors from around the world (along with their meticulous eye for culinary details) have been culminated onto 1 spicy, flavorful menu. Website

Italian – Il Pastaio

Il Pastaio is a hidden gem. One of my two favorite Italian restaurant in Los Angeles (along with Bestia). Love the food, the servers, and the ambiance. The atmosphere is elegant, but still LA casual. All the pasta is homemade and melts in your mouth. Yum. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. There is patio seating which I prefer over sitting inside. Website

Best Ambiance – The Bazaar

The Bazaar by Jose Andres is a really cool spot located in the SLS Hotel in Beverley Hills. Business Insider named it one of the top 44 restaurants in America last year, and I can see why. First off the ambiance is so much fun- decadent, upscale, and intimate. The atmosphere here is by far the coolest of any restaurant I have ever been to, even the bathroom is amazing. The cuisine is Spanish Tapas. Every dish you order is very well thought out, and each bite is seriously delicious (but when I say bite I do mean bite, the portions are on the smaller side for tapas). After dinner you go to the other side of the restaurant where there is a desert bar and separate seating to enjoy your additional calories. Website

Ocean Views – CATCH

Catch gives you an amazing view of the ocean, located in the Casa Del Mar hotel right on the water in Santa Monica. The location and ambiance are both 10s. The food is not anything to die over, but come here to enjoy a nice meal overlooking the water.  Website

Sushi – Nobu

So Nobu, along Mastro’s is very well known, but for those who are unfamiliar with Nobu – it’s probably the most popular sushi restaurant in LA (they also have locations all around the world). It is like the fancier, fine-dining version of Sugarfish. Amazing quality fish, outstanding service, and a great dining experience. There are two locations in the Los Angeles area – West Hollywood and Malibu. The Malibu one is located right on the water, views for days. Website

nobu - fredel 2

PC: @fredelromano


The Penthouse is located at the top of the Huntley Hotel, and it has AMAZINGGG views overlooking the water. The decor and ambiance are also spot on, modern, fresh, and decadent. This is one of my favorite views/ambiance of any restaurant in Los Angeles…that good. The food here is also really good, but you don’t come here because of the food alone, it is because of the atmosphere and location. Plz come here, but make a reservation. Website



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