Top 5 New Foodie Finds in SF


New Food Delivery

First off, who doesn’t like food delivery? SF has become the mecca for all these really cool services that satisfy my inner laziness – food delivery and gas on demand are my personal favorites (check out the app booster for gas…it’s amazing). Don’t get me wrong I love cooking, but there is something so satisfying about delicious food coming directly to your door – no dish washing required.

So now about Thistle. Thistle began as a cold-pressed juice pop-up in the Mission and has now grown to become a full service food delivery company – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices. ect. What sets it apart from the other options in SF: everything comes fully prepared and not only is it delicious, but it is all incredibly healthy – meals are made with organic, local and sustainable ingredients, plus you have the option between vegan or animal protein (free range or wild caught…duh).

Imagine Thistle as the healthier, trendier, and less needy (no cooking required) option to Blue Apron.

Each week the menu changes, but to give you an idea some of the meals I’ve had: Coconut Chia Seed Pudding (this was AMAZING…seriously, too good), Summer Succotash Herb Chicken, Creamy Breakfast Polenta with Apricots (who knew polenta could be a breakfast food? idk but I’m now a believer), Kale and Ginger Salad with Garlic Shrimp, and I have to give a shout out to their Coral Juice – bomb.

Details: Delivery throughout bay area – from San Jose to Walnut Creek to Mill Valley. Also in Los Angeles – from Santa Monica to Hollywood.  Website.

***Use code KELLI375 for $20 off your first order***

Tartine Manufactory

New Bakery

Ah Tartine, so everyone should already be aware of Bar Tartine and Tartine Bakery, If you aren’t, make plans to go there this week. This genius duo of Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt decided to open up “Tartine Manufactory” to add to their already expansive footprint in SF’s food scene.

Tartine Manufactory is located in this huge 5,000 square foot ceramics store in the Mission and they are really making use of this space with – a coffee bar, a cafe, a bakery, a ‘Cookies and Cream’ ice cream store, a restaurant, and a pottery store. Wow. It is like the costco of foodie spots – you could spend quite a while just checking everything out.

Everything here is top notch with a focus on high quality ingredients – the coffee is sourced and roasted in Berkeley and the pastries are amazingggg. Be prepared to wait in a line, but it goes pretty quickly.

Details: No website yet, check out the Eater’s guide to Tartine Manufactory. The restaurant isn’t serving dinner yet and the ice cream store isn’t open yet.


New Mediterranean

So Tawla isn’t your cut and dry Mediterranean restaurant, it’s focus is on the lesser known dishes from eastern Mediterranean cuisine. This place was created by ex-googler Azhar Hashem who paired up with Joseph Magidow, the executive chef from Locanda and Delfina (2 of my faves) aka this place is destined for greatness.

Fair warning: they do not serve hummus here, I will be the first to admit this didn’t sit well with me initially, but they have these to-die-for labne’s and everything on the menu is so good that you won’t even remember what hummus is after you leave.

Details: Trendy Mediterranean. Website. Only open for dinner.

Chief Sullivan’s

New Irish Pub

For those who lived in SF before 2014, you may remember a bar/pub called O’Reilly’s. Welllll it’s back! Just under another name – Chief Sullivan’s, named after the man who was SF’s Fire Departments Chief Engineer during the 1906 earthquake.

Unfortunately I am one of those people who recently descended into San Francisco for a job in the tech scene and wasn’t living here while O’Reilly’s was popular, but I was able to make it to Chief Sullivan’s last week and it’s a really cool new Pub located in North Beach. Their menu is very Irish and the food is really good (who knew I liked Irish food?), aka don’t come here if you are looking for Italian or American food, go some place else for that.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a new Irish pub or bar this is your spot!

Details: Website.

chief sullivans 3.jpg
Louie’s Gen Gen Room

New Cocktail Bar

From the folks at Liholiho Yacht Club, comes Louie’s Gen Gen Room – a reservation only bar (serving drinks and food) located in the basement of Liholiho. There are only 24 seats here (yay exclusivity) so be sure to book your reservation right when they open – only 1 week in advance.

Vibes here are secret club meets tropical getaway. Some of the items on the menu: avocado waffle, bone marrow butter waffle, beef jerky, and caviar potato chips. You can definitely get full off the food here, but don’t come here starving looking for a huge meal. This spot is more for drinks and small plates to snack on.

Details: Need reservation.  Website.



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