Momofuku Milk Bar Comes to Los Angeles

THE DAY HAS COME. Birthday truffles are coming to the Los Angeles.

So those who are my friends (or just follow me on social media) know that every time I make it to New York (or D.C.) my one required stop is at the Momokuku Milk bar in Midtown to purchase an absurd amount of Birthday truffles. I usually finish my first pack of three truffles on the way home, feel sick for about 3 hours, and then open up the second pack. Yes, they are that good.

What are birthday truffles you may ask? They are these balls of cake batter that are dipped in white chocolate. They are the Beyonce of all deserts.

The details are pretty scarce about when/where the Milk Bar is coming exactly, the only thing we have to go off of is LA Eater reported that the company is looking for locations in LA right now.

That’s all folks, Happy Tuesday.


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