Inner City



  • Classy American – $$$/$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Special Occasion, Parent Dinner, Business Dinner, Fancy Date
  • Make a reservation in advance. Rated as one of San Francisco’s best restaurants by Zagat. Upscale vintage decor, great place to treat yourself to a nice dinner!
  • Have a sister restaurant – Prospect in SoMa.
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  • Trendy Italian – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Raviolo – a single delicious ravioli
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date
  • Popular spot, make a reservation.
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  • Trendy American Small Plates / Bar – $$
  • Best For: Date, after work drinks and appetizers, hanging out with friends
  • Located in the Palomar Hotel (5th floor) this place is poppin after work. Great place to grab a drink and some small plates with friends or a date. If you want a spot on the patio make a reservation!! Also their drinks are good but they put so much ice in them you have like 3 sips and it’s gone, so I would suggest getting a beer or a glass of wine. Regardless service is a 10, ambiance is a 10, you should make it a point to come one day (but make patio res in advance).
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  • Super Fancy Seafood – $$$$
  • Best For: Special Occasion, Nice Parent Dinner
  • A decadent, fancy restaurant a block away from Union Square. It has been in SF since 1997 so it’s definitely an SF Classic. More ornate, vintage fancy than modern fancy.
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  • Intimate, Authentic Italian – $$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Tortellini Carbonara – omg. OMG
    • Gamberi with Rigatoni alla Vodka
    • Salsicce e Rigatoni
  • Best For: Romantic Dinner, Parent Dinner, you just want bomb Italian
  • This is another hidden gem- it’s a small, unassuming, restaurant hidden on the side of the Andrew’s Hotel. But the quality of their food has given this place quite the name. You will definitely need a reservation if you are going at a busy time, but you only need to book a few days in advance. Please someone order the tortellini carbonara, I promise you won’t regret it…you may have to run a few extra miles tomorrow, but worth it.
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  • Upscale Moroccan – $$$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Almonds
    • Octopus
    • Snapper (to share)
    • Couscous
    • Sugar Puffs!
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Parent Dinner, Date, Business Meal
  • It had never occurred to me to grab dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, but this place is all around really cool. Ambiance is very sophisticated, modern industrial vibes with beautiful high ceilings and pristine decor. There is also a nice bar area you can hit up after work. For those who are unfamiliar with Moroccan cuisine, it is along the lines of Mediterranean, they use a lot of spices – everything is really flavorful and their food presentation is a 10. Great place for family style- get one of the larger main dishes with a few sides. Also get the SUGAR PUFFS!
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  • Nice Italian – $$$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Burricotta
    • Octopus Appetizer
    • Raviora with Truffle Butter ❤
    • Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu
  • Best For: Nice Lunch/Dinner, Business Meal, Need Last Minute Reservation, Groups
  • Really nice Italian spot in the Financial District. Food is delicious. Service is good. Pretty easy to get a reservation.
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  • Upscale Sushi – $$$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Spicy Edamame
    • Yellowtail
    • Sweet Corn
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Parent Dinner, Sushi, Groups, Business Meal
  • Nice sushi spot. They also serve a lot of hot food – robata, chicken, ect. More on the expensive side for a sushi restaurant. There is a really cool bar/lounge area on the bottom floor.
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  • Trendy American – $$$
  • Small prix fix menu, changes often.
    • $35/person comes with appetizer, main course, and desert
    • For +$10 you can add a pasta (ADD the pasta!)
  • Best For: Nice dinner, date, friend outing
  • Make a reservation in advance
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  • Dim Sum – $$$
  • 2 Locations: 101 Spear St. and 49 Stevenson St. (both in Financial District)
  • Best Dishes:
    • XIAO LONG BAO – nomnom
    • Szechuan Chicken
    • Pea Shoots
    • Shrimp Rice Roll
    • BBQ Porn Buns
  • Best For: Nice Brunch/Lunch, Parent Lunch, Dim Sum
  • One of my favorite spots. Their dim sum is probably the best I’ve found in San Francisco. Yank Sing is a little more expensive than other dim sum places, but the food is worth it. The ambiance at the Stevenson St location is a bit nicer, but it is much smaller than the Spear St location.
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Elephant Sushi

  • Trendy Sushi – $$
  • $2 Sake bombs!
  • Come right when it opens at 6.
  • They have a second location in Russian Hill, this one is a bit easier to get in to.
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  • American Bar (Patio!) – $$
  • Best For: Brunch, Patio Seating, Happy Hour, Bar, No Reservations
  • Jones has a really nice, and pretty big, open patio/rooftop area with tables you can sit and hang out at! They call it a rooftop but it is like 2 stories up, so I say it’s a patio. Either way, come here one day when the weather is nice!! Surrounding the patio are 3 separate bar areas (cash only!). You can pay with a card if you sit at the tables and have a waiter. Amazing atmosphere for post work drinks/snacks, weekend brunch, or even to go out at at night. They serve dinner and weekend brunch, but just come here for brunch, not dinner. No reservations.
  • (I haven’t eaten here yet so won’t give it a rating until then)
  • They have really good happy hour specials!! Tue – Fri, 5-7.
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Liholiho Yacht Club

  • Trendy Hawaiian/Chinese/Indian  – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Duck Liver Toast
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Trendy, Special Occasion
  • So this spot has been the talk of the town recently. Liholiho and State Bird probably tie for the toughest reservations to get in San Francisco. I haven’t made it here yet, so if anyone is able to snag a reservation for a decent time let me know, I am always a great addition to the dinner table. Anyways back to the food – although I haven’t tried it first hand, from what I have read the dishes live up to the hype. The cuisine is Hawaiian/Asian, but with an eclectic twist – think spam fried rice, beef tongue bun, and grilled short rib with bone marrow. The atmosphere is chic/modern.
  • Tips: To get a reservation, you have to be online at exactly midnight 30 days before you want to go. They have a bar area that is first come, first serve. If you go without a reservation you will probably wait hour to hour and a half.
  • You can reserve the “Ohana Table” for a group of 8-12 people. It’s $55/person and they bring you 10-12 family dishes. Cool idea for birthday (but you can’t have any picky eaters).
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  • Bakery – $
  • San Francisco hot spot. This place is famous for their cruffins. Check their Instagram to see what flavors of cruffins and donuts they have each week. Try and come on a week day if you want to get a cruffin without waiting in a crazy line. Aim to get there at 8:30/8:45 and cruffins come out at 9. Each person can only buy 2. If you don’t get a cruffin in time, you should still get a filled donut- very sweet but sooo good.
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Filled Donut and Cruffin. PC: @oannacone


1760 – YAAAS (8.3)

  • Modern American – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Crab Fat Congee
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • Rock Shrimp Polenta
  • Best For: Good brunch without reservations, Dinner, Date, Trendy
  • Make a reservation for dinner, not needed for brunch. Really convenient location on Polk St. if you want to grab dinner and head out for a drink after. The food and drinks are all really good here, the dishes are a bit small for the price, but it is all delicious. Fun place to come with a few friends because you order multiple dishes and get to try a lot.
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  • Nice, Seafood / Asian Fusion – $$$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Garlic Noodles !!
    • Crab
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Seafood
  • You have to come here simply for the garlic noodles and crab. There is another Crustacean in Bev Hills where the Food Network came and featured this restaurant for their famous garlic noodles. This location is a little odd – it’s located on the 3rd floor of a random complex, but you should look past that and come here for the high quality food.
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  • Cozy, Trendy Pizza Spot- $$
  • Best Dishes: get a pizza!!!
    • Sausage Pizza
    • Buffalo Margarita Pizza + add Prosciutto
    • Charred Brussels Sprout Appetizer
    • Sweet Potato with Poached Egg Appetizer
    • Fried Green Tomato Appetizer
  • Best For: Dinner, Trendy, Date, Pizza, No Reservations – (Communal Table)
  • So this is a really cool new spot! Del Popolo used to be a food truck that became popular for their dank pizzas, and this is their first brick-and-mortar location. The ambiance here is NYC meets rustic modern – high ceilings, metal fixtures, and a huge wood fired pizza oven in the back. They have a small wrap around bar in front of the oven where you can sit and watch the chefs work their magic. Not only do they have good pizza and a trendy atmosphere, the service is also really welcoming. I have been twice and each time the staff has been incredibly friendly, which always makes the experience that much better. Their menu changes frequently, but no matter what (pizza) you order, you will be happy.
  • Tip: Surprisingly it is not difficult to get a reservation here!! If you can’t get one they do have a few large communal tables saved for walk ins (usually 30-45 minute wait for prime-time).
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House of Prime Rib

  • Traditional Steakhouse – $$$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Special Occasion, Business Meal, Steakhouse
  • Vintage style fancy steakhouse. Come here if you are a big meat eater, it’s all prime rib, you pick your cut, type of potatoes and then 1 side. They do have a fish option, but don’t come to House of Prime Rib to get fish…come on. They have sauteed spinach on the secret menu.
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  • Trendy American – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Brussels Sprout Chips
    • Deviled Egg
  • Best For: Nice but casual lunch/dinner
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