Marina / Cow Hollow

New & Noteworthy:

  • Flores – Mexican, very good, nice ambiance. Patio tables
  • Contrada – Italian (right next to Brixton)

A16 – YAAAS (9.2)

  • Nice Italian – $$$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Burrata
    • Margarita pizza + add prosciutto
  • Best For: nice lunch/dinner, parent dinner, date, girls dinner
  • A16 is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. Perfect place to have a nice dinner with some really good pasta/pizza without having to make a reservation 4 weeks in advance. First off I have to say everything here from the food to the ambiance is amazing. There is a lot on the menu aside from pizzas, so it’s a great place to go if you don’t want just pizza. I would 100% recommend making a reservation, but you can also just walk in and try and snag a spot at the bar, or get there on the early/late side of dinner and the wait shouldn’t be too long Website


  • Trendy Belgian – $$
  • Best for: Casual Brunch/Lunch, happy hour, No Reservations
  • I have walked by this place so many times and every time I walk by I remember I want to come here. I have heard the food is good – nothing too special, but the outdoor seating looks like a relaxing place to sit and grab brunch. Website


  • Thai / American – $$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Millionaire’s bacon*
    • Eggs Benedict
    • Thai fried rice
    • Stone pot
  • Best For: brunch/lunch, bottomless mimosa brunch
  • Sister restaurant to Sweet Maple but without the 2 hour wait. They have outdoor seating, perfect for a nice day and if you want to bring our dog. If you come here for brunch you have to get the millionaire’s bacon, have to. While they do offer bottomless mimosas here it isn’t a party atmosphere, in other words I would still take my parents here haha.
  • Tip: If you get one of the eggs Benedict (which are all amazing) ask for the hollandaise on the side, they tend to smother their eggs. Website


  • American, Bar vibes – $$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Bloody Mary
  • Best For: brunch/lunch, boozy brunch that isn’t bottomless, friend brunch
  • Those who are familiar with SF will laugh at seeing this restaurant because it turns into a pretty popular bar at night, but it is a fun spot for brunch! The food is pretty good. There is outdoor seating so if it is a nice day it’s a fun place to sit, grab a drink, and people watch. Wouldn’t suggest this place for dinner. Website

California Wine Merchant – (8.9)

  • Casual Wine Bar
  • So this is one of my favorite wine bars in the city, very home-y feeling. My friends and I call this place Greg’s because the owner, who is the nicest guy ever, his name is Greg. If you come here a few times you will start to feel like a local – the bartenders take time to ask you about your day, start to remember your name, ect. I just love that about this place, makes you feel at home. Anyways – good wine selection, and I like that they have a “last call” page where you can get a glass from some of their limited selection that week. The only downside is that there isn’t a charcuterie platter here, BUT they do have a cheese plate with this amazinggg soft gouda that seriously melts in your mouth. Website


  • Trendy American – $$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Ricotta appetizer
    • Broccoli side
    • Burger!!!
  • Best For: lunch, dinner, date, girls dinner
  • Nice cozy spot for grabbing a laid back dinner/drinks with friends. The food is good, but nothing I would specifically go back for. This place is a spot where I would hang out with friends, and have a nice glass of wine with a few small plates. Website


  • Casual, Asian Fusion – $$
  • 2 Locations: Marina and North Beach
  • Best Dishes:
    • Chicken Chow Mein
    • Fried Rice
  • Best For: Boozy brunch, casual lunch/dinner
  • Great brunch deal on the weekend: $37 for all you can eat all you can drink. The food here is really good too. A fun, casual spot in the Marina.
  • Only take brunch reservatiosn for parties of 6+. Dinner no reservations. Website


  • Italian – $$
  • Best Dishes:
    • Pizza! Proscuitto and margarita with burrata and sausage are my faves
    • Burrata toast
    • Arancini balls
  • Best For: casual lunch/dinner
  • Delarosa is a casual sit-down Italian restaurant in the Marina. Good pizza, and great appetizers. Perfect place to come grab lunch/dinner without having to plan ahead. They have patio seating out front, which makes for an enjoyable meal when the weather is nice. Website
Delarosa-Aubrie Prick

Photo Credit: Aubrey Prick

The Dorian

  • Trendy American
  • Best For: brunch, happy hour, date
  • This is a relatively new restaurant/bar that took over where Circa used to be right on Chestnut St. The decor/ambiance is really cool- upscale/decadent. I have only been for drinks, so I won’t give this place a rating until I eat here. As for the drinks….amazing. Please come here and get an espresso martini – it’s seriously too good. A little on the expensive side – like $15 for a drink I believe, so don’t come here with the intent of getting hammered off of classy drinks. The crowed here is a bit older- think Balboa cafe esque.
  • Happy Hour (Tues-Friday 4:30-6:00): $1 oysters, $5 truffle fries, $5 house wine. Website

Home Plate – YAAS (8.5)

  • Casual Breakfast Spot – $$
  • Best For: Casual Breakfast/Brunch, No Reservation, Small Group
  • Home Plate is an unassuming looking restaurant fight off of Lombard Street (I think I walked by it like 15 times before realizing what it was), while the ambiance may not be anything to rave about they make really really good breakfast food. Nothing super trendy or out of the box, just really good scrambles, pancakes, omelettes, ect. Also they bring you out these complimentary scones which are deliciousss. Come here when you want a really good homemade style breakfast.
  • No reservations, you put your name down on the list and then wait outside.


  • Casual Italian – $$
  • 2 Locations:
    • Cow Hollow – 1919 Union Street – much nicer location
    • North Beach- 716 Columbus Ave
  • Best Dishes:
    • Parpadelle with butter sage sauce
    • Gnocchi with pesto
    • Burrata salad
    • prosciutto
  • Best For: casual lunch/dinner
  • This is my favorite spot for an easy, casual, and delicious Italian meal. The pasta is incredibly fresh and seriously absolutely amazing. It is a causal place- you order at the front and grab a seat at the bar or communal tables, but not casual in the sense the decorations are wooden chairs from the 60s, the restaurant has a modern feel.  The menu is set up so you can pick your own pasta and sauce, but the adorable Italian men who own the place are not afraid to tell you if your combination is wrong, like I said authentic Italian.
  • Tip: You can order fresh pasta to cook at home

LASAN – YAAS (7.5)

  • Casual Indian – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Garlic naan
    • Tikki sea bass
    • Butter chicken
  • Best For: Casual Dinner, No Reservation, Take Out
  • Super casual restaurant, great food, nice service. Just because you hear casual Indian don’t think this place is sketchy and you need to order take out, this is a perfect eat-in Indian restaurant, it falls in-between a fancy Dosa and a sketchy take out place. But still don’t bring a date here, go because you are craving good Indian food. Website


  • French Bakery – $
  • Must Order:
    • Croissant with avocado and egg, yum
    • Pasteries
  • Best For: Morning Coffee Stop, Grab a Pastry To Go, place to sit and hang out
  • Coffee shop feel. Nice spot to sit down and have a coffee and read a book or hang out and relax for a bit. You won’t regret ordering the croissant/egg/avocado masterpiece. Website


  • Hawaiian Fusion – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Bacon!
  • Best For: Nice Brunch, Patio Seating, happy hour
  • They have a great patio which is what makes this place really popular for weekend brunch and happy hour, perfect spot to sit and hang out with friends while the weather is nice. The food here is good, but nothing too special. Good drinks.
  • Happy hour: Tues – Fri, 5 – 6:30. $5 fries, $7 cocktails, $5 beers, half off bottles of wine
  • Probably best if you have a reservation for brunch on weekends. Website

Rose’s Cafe

  • Casual, American / Italian – $$
  • Best For: Nice Breakfast/Brunch, Casual Dinner, Patio
  • Nice, casual location right off of Union st. Have a few patio tables I always see people sitting at. Add an egg to your pizza!!
  • No reservations accepted for breakfast/brunch. Website


  • Casual, Trendy Mexican – $$
  • 3 Locations:
    • Marina, North Beach, Mission
  • Must Order:
    • QUESO (must order)
    • Tacos – all except the cod
  • Best For: Casual Lunch/Dinner, Friend Dinner, No Reservations
  • Tacolicious is a fun spot to grab a few tacos and a margarita with some friends. Casual atmosphere- they don’t take reservations but you can call ahead to put your name on the list. Website

TACKO – YAAS (7.8)

  • Casual Mexican, but they have lobster rolls – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Any taco, but get it “Nick’s way”
    • Lobster rolls
  • Best For: Casual lunch, No Reservations, To Go
  • Casual taco restaurant, you order at the front. Same owner’s as Nick’s Crispy Tacos in Russian Hill. The taco’s are bomb. Also the lobster roll is amazing, owner’s are from Maine so they decided to put a lobster roll on the menu (which definitely stands out, but I’m so happy about it). Taco Tuesday – $2 beer and tacos! Website


  • Nice Mediterranean – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Hummus
  • Best For: Dinner, Date
  • Terzo is a really good Mediterranean restaurant in Cow Hollow. The space itself is pretty small, and the ambiance is a cozy/intimate with a modern feel. You should make a reservation and book it a few days in advance. They are only open for dinner. Great date spot! Website

Tipsy Pig – YAAS (7.9)

  • American – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Strawberry Fields Drink
    • Mac and Cheese
  • Best For: Brunch, Grab a Drink, Patio
  • They have a really nice back patio that is the perfect spot to grab brunch on a nice day. Website


  • Upscale Wine Bar – $$
  • Best For: Date, drinks, meeting up with friends
  • Love this place. They have an awesome cheese/meat selections – it’s a little expensive- like $7 for a small piece of cheese, butttt those 4 bites are amazing haha. Recently they installed a full kitchen so there are more food options- get the burrata! 🙂 Upscale, modern atmosphere. Website