• Trendy American – $$$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Special Occasion, Trendy…whenever you can get a reservation
  • Al’s Place has 1 Michelin star and was named best new restaurant by Bon Apetit, so it must be amazing. The menu is non traditional – the main courses are creatively prepared vegetables and the meat/fish is considered the side dish. All the plates are meticulously prepared, presentation is a 10.
  • They save 30% of bar/tables for walk ins buttt the wait will be crazy if you go at a popular time. Would suggest making a reservation and book it wellll in advance (like 60 days out).
  • Website


  • Trendy, Intimate Italian – $$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, No Reservation, Pizza, Trendy
  • Cute, hipster spot in the Mission. I have heard their pizza and risottos are amazinggg. Beretta is personally at the top of my list of places to try next, just hard to plan ahead to eat somewhere without a reservation.
  • Take reservations for parties of 6 or more. Aside from that, you can call ahead and they will put your name on the list. Also- if you want to do a large group dinner here they have an awesome prix fix special for $35/person!
  • Website
Beretta-aubrie prick

Photo Credit: Aubrey Prick


  • Ice Cream – $
  • Best Flavors:
    • Ricanelas- Cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle chunks….enough said
    • Brown Sugar
    • Balsamic Strawberry
  • There will be a line here, but it goes by quickly and it’s worth the wait. My favorite ice cream probably ever. It is so fluffy and delicious. Please go here, and if you ever need an ice cream buddy hit me up.
  • Tip: There is also a location (bi-rte market) off Divisidaro that sells the ice cream. For most, this location is closer than trekking out to the mission. You can even buy a pint…dangerous.
  • Website

Ricaneles @fredelromano


  • Nice, Hipster American  – $$$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Trendy
  • Small eclectic menu, changes daily. Everything is fresh and high quality. Located right down the street from Flour + Water, they take reservations but also same some space for walk ins. You can always put your name down and grab a drink next door at Trick Dog while you wait.
  • Owned by same restaurant group as Flour + Water, Salumeria, Aatxe, and Trick Dog! aka all these places are amazing.
  • Website


  • Intimate, Upscale American (eclectic menu) – $$$/$
  • Best For: Romantic Dinner, Special Occasion
  • Come here for a culinary experience. Each dish is carefully thought out and has an immaculate presentation, most dishes are really small. most people come here for their tasting menu ($80/person, 6 courses). They also have an a la carte menu, but dishes are small so have to order multiple things. Just don’t bring any picky eaters here.
  • Website


  • Nice Italian – $$$
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Parent Dinner, Italian
  • Order anything here and you will be happy. Need a reservation or you will have to wait a while. The is also Pizzeria Delfina next door- more casual, amazing pizza, but if you can get in, go to Delfina.
  • Website


  • Sketchy, Authentic Mexican – $
  • 2 Locations in the Mission:
    • 2950 24th St
    • 2779 Mission St
  • Best For: You want a cheap, amazing, authentic burrito, drunk eats
  • Come to Farolito and get a BOMB burrito (super burrito), then go back to the security of your home. This is a very hole in the wall place, do not bring your parents here, but it is worth the trip out to the Mission for a bite of this juicy avocado, bean, rice, meat mixture living in a nice warm tortilla They are open late, so if you are out in the Mission one night looking for drunk food head over to El Farolito. This burrito rivals only to La Taqueria, which is below.
  • Tip: Cash only!!


  • Spanish Rooftop –  Tapas / Bar
  • Best For: Happy hour, Rooftop Drinks, Mexican, Fun Meal, Brunch, Dinner, Groups, Trendy, Date
  • This is one of the best locations in the city! Rooftop patio that over looks the entire city. Come here when its a nice day to grab a few drinks and small plates and just hang out with friends, enjoying the view. No reservations, so if you come past 6 on a weekday there will probably be a wait.
  • Happy Hour M – F 4:00 – 6:00
  • Website


  • Nice, Trendy Italian – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Balsamic pasta
    • Pesto pasta
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Parent Dinner, Special Occasion, Trendy, any reason whatsoever
  • This is probably my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. It is SO good. Every single pasta I have ever had there has been absolutely amazing. Don’t be alarmed when you look at the menu and don’t understand anything,  every time I order I have 0 clue what my pasta will come out looking like, e.g. a pasta on the menu –  “gargati with smoked hen, braised karinata kale, walla walla onion & preserved blood lime” ….hm. Their pizza is good, but you can get good pizza elsewhere, come here for the pasta. The dishes are pretty small, so I always like to order a few for the table to share. It is really hard to get a reservation you have to book a few weeks in advance.
  • They have a pasta tasting menu I have been dying to do, I am sure it’s amazing.
  • Tip: If you go when they open there is a communal table and bar area for first come first served.
  • Website


  • Intimate, Trendy Mediterranean/American – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Toast Trio
    • Pezzi Pasta
    • Sesame Fried Chicken
  • Best For: Romantic Dinner, Date, Trendy, Nice Brunch/Dinner, Special Occasion, Groups, Patio
  • Amazing atmosphere- romantic setting out on the patio with dim lights strung around, and they project an old foreign movie that plays in the background. The food and drinks are equally as enjoyable. The fried chicken is the dish they are most popular for- it’s worth the hype. I would suggest getting a few plates to share. They also have brunch here on the weekends! You will need a reservation to get a table here, and you should book it a little bit in advance.
  • Website


  • Casual Thai – $$
  • Best for: Casual Dinner
  • Super casual spot in the mission – think plastic tablecloths and metal fold up chairs. Take reservations, but can also just walk in without too long of a wait.
  • Website


  • Casual Sushi – $$$
  • Good happy hour – click for deets
  • Rated as one of the top Bay Area restaurants. They take reservations, but hold space for walk ins and there shouldn’t be too crazy of a wait.
  • Website


  • Sketchy, Authentic Mexican – $
  • Best For: You want an authentic burrito
  • So this is my other favorite burrito place in SF, along with El Farolito. Truthfully they are both amazing and I can’t really decide which one I like more. If you want to sit inside and feel a little more safe though, then choose La Taqueria. It has a much larger space so its easy to sit and hang out. But this spot is not open past 9 pm, so no stopping by on the way home from the bars. You come here while its light out, go to El Farolito when its 2 am and your drunk and hangry.
  • Tips: Cash only!!


  • Nice, Trendy Italian – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Sausage Orcchiette – so goood
    • Rigatoni Carbonara
    • Prosciutto
    • Pizza Bianca
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Parent Dinner, Trendy, Groups
  • Recommend getting a reservation here, but you don’t have to book it too far in advance. Locanda has a really cool ambiance inside, and the staff are all incredibly nice. The pasta is all fantastic. Great date spot.
  • Website


  • Trendy, Upscale Spanish Tapas (technically an Argentinian Steakhouse) – $$$
  • Must Order:
    • Croquetas**
    • Chicken Empanadas (don’t get the spinach ones- kind of bland)
  • Best For: Nice Dinner, Date, Parent Dinner, Trendy, Special Occasion, Group
  • It is located right below El Techo. The food is all amazing, fun drinks, and the ambiance is really cool. Would definitely recommend going here.
  • Website

LOLO – YAAS (8.0)

  • Trendy Mexican – $$
  • Must Order:
    • Huevos Rancheros are on point
    • Must order the guacamole
    • Margaritas
  • Best For: Brunch, Nice Lunch, Last Minute Reservation, Mexican
  • Super trendy Mexican place in the Mission. Come here, get a margarita, and take an Instagram picture. Also a really fun place to go and get a Mexican style brunch. The food is all really really good.
  • Website


  • Hole in the wall Chinese – $$
  • Really unassuming looking spot in the Mission, but this place is raveddd about as having delicious food. They take reservations, walk ins will have to wait a little bit. Come here for good food! As a warning the decor/ambiance is sub par, don’t bring your parents or a nice date here.
  • Website


  •  Casual, Hipster Sandwich / Brunch – $$
  • Best For: Lunch/Brunch, Sandwich
  • Really cool space – open inside patio seating. Easy to run in and grab lunch. On the weekends they serve brunch and the menu looks pretty good as well!
  • Owned by same restaurant group as Flour + Water, Central Kitchen, Aatxe, and Trick Dog.
  • Website


  • Casual, Trendy Mexican – $$
  • 3 Locations:
    • Marina, North Beach, Mission
  • Must Order:
    • QUESO (must order)
    • Tacos – all except the cod
  • Best For: Casual Lunch/Dinner, Fun Meal, No Reservations, Taco Tuesday, Mexican
  • Tacolicious is a fun spot to grab a few tacos and a margarita with some friends. Casual atmosphere- they don’t take reservations but you can call ahead to put your name on the list.
  • Website


  • Bakery – $$
  • Get the morning bun!!
  • Best For: Breakfast, Casual Lunch, Pastries, Grab n Go, Trendy
  • There will probably be a line around the corner but it is worth the 30 minutes of your life to wait. You will be happy with any pastry here, their paninis are also delish. You can sit down and eat in the restaurant if you want to. Get their morning bun and it will melt in your mouth.
  • Website