9 Best Restaurants in Brentwood

Brentwood is the perfect area for young adults who are starting the whole family/real life chapter. You know those people who moved from Santa Monica, and used that 2 mile move to draw a line in the proverbial sand saying “I’m an actual adult now” not the post-college “I’m an adult” stage where you still call your parents for insurance/cooking questions and you keep talking about how you can’t believe you’re an adult. While I am in the latter group, I still think Brentwood is awesome. Awesome in all aspects minus parking tickets – anyone who has driven in Brentwood knows what I mean. Those parking enforcement people take pride in writing you a ticket the minute your time runs out. Regardless for those of us in the first “I’m an adult” stage, there are still so many reasons to venture into Brentwood.

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Venice: Best Spots to Eat and Drink

Venice, California…the land of the hipsters. Hipsters who know how to cook and bake like no one else, and they also know how to decorate, but make you feel like they didn’t really decorate because that’s so not trendy. You can probably stumble into any bakery or unassuming restaurant to find amazing food with meticulous thought behind every aspect of the cooking and plating, but not every brick building without a sign (although some will…*cough cough gjelina*) will lead you to good food. Here are some of my favorite spots to eat and drink in Venice.

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